Does Classic Rock Fandom Require Drug Use?

Being a fan of rock and roll comes with a lot of misconceptions, one of which is the issue of drug use and rampant sexual activities. However, just as there are a variety of different personalities throughout any population, there are also very different types of rock and roll fans. It’s the same when visiting the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam; you don’t need to be a huge art enthusiast to appreciate its value.

So, in short, there is no need to use drugs if you are going to be a fan of rock and roll, and the bands that go with such a title. On that note, you do have to remember that if you do decide to use drugs when attending concerts and the like, you need to take certain precautions.

rock concert

The Matter of Law

If you are going to consider using drugs as a rock and roll fan, you need to first think about the matter of the law. It should always be your first priority to see what the law allows or what it prohibits. Suffice it to say, you should only ever adhere to the list of drugs that are legal. Even then, you should avoid any chance of abuse of such drugs, in the first place.

Law enforcement authorities these days actually tend to be more stringent with drug use during concerts. For instance, earlier this week in Uganda, more than 80 people were arrested for taking drugs and being public nuisances at a Bobi Wine concert. The same is true for other events and locations that tend to draw large crowds. When you purchase your Australian theme park tickets, for example, they will come with a warning that visitors will not be allowed inside the premises if they are suspected to be under the influence of prohibited drugs. Using drugs will not improve your concert experience so it’s better to stay off them and just enjoy the music.

The Matter of Protection

If you are planning to go out into the city to compare theme parks, see the attractions, and sample the dining options, make sure that your things are safe. As much as possible, never leave important belongings such as gadgets, cash, credit cards, or your passport inside the room. If the room has a safe, place your valuables in there to keep them safe from theft. If it does not have one, ask the front desk if you can leave your valuables with them. Often, the reception area will have a luggage room and a dedicated vault or safe to keep their guests’ valuables.

The Matter of Typesolo

Drugs are a serious matter and one that you should take with the same level of gravity. You should never enter into the arrangement at a whim and should not even consider it without first looking into the different types and effects. In any case, you can perfectly enjoy a rock concert without ever touching any recreational substances other than what is already available to you when visiting the Amsterdam Zoo.

The Matter of Preference

Finally, you need to take your own preferences into consideration when talking about the matter of drug use as a rock and roll fan. If you don’t want to take it then you should not. End of discussion.

You should not let anyone pressure you into taking a substance that is illegal and can be abused. You are in control.