Why Classic Rock Still Rocks

Classic rock still remains one of the most popular mediums of music to this day despite the proliferation of other types of music, from hip-hop to the so-called dub step. Many other forms of music have taken a backseat, being relegated either as movie themes or as lounge tunes. So, why does classic rock live on in the hearts of even younger generations of fans? Why is it that when going on an Amsterdam City Trip, travelers are still looking for bands like Focus?

The answer can be summed up in the broad sense of classic rock simply being good music and being as relevant today as it was decades ago. However, if you really want to delve into the factors that contribute to classic rock popularity, here are the following.

classic rock

Just Good Music

For the most obvious reason why classic rock is still so prevalent, it’s simply because this genre has some of the most memorable and amazing pieces of music ever devised. The fact that there are so many varieties in terms of how rock and roll is performed makes the lasting power of the genre even more impressive. Anyone who wants to appreciate good music will usually have a classic rock song or two in their list.

The Instrumentals, Yo!audience

It has become increasingly obvious that instruments are playing a smaller role in how music is performed in pop culture. The most important aspects appear to be the singer’s physical appearance, their voice, and their ability to catch the public eye, in that order. In classic rock, instruments often shine, with guitar or drum solos being a huge part of the whole performance.

Epic Bands

Finally, there are the epic bands that really make classic rock songs so amazing. AC/DC, Focus, The Rolling Stones, these are just some of the examples of bands that are still performing live even now. They are still drawing in huge crowds and they still provide plenty of new listeners with the opportunity to experience good music. You can jam to their tunes when going on Amsterdam Bike Rental rides or whatever.